Let Freedom Ring - Decanter Gift Set & Choice BARREL.338 Bourbon Finishing Bullet

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Comes with your choice - BARREL.338 Finishing Bullet

  • Oak - Very Smooth - Toffee and Vanilla on the Palate 
  • Maple - Smoked Maple on the Tip of the Tongue, Long Sweet Finish
  • Cherry - Long Cherry Finish - Sweet on the Nose and Palate
  • Perfect Gift for Bourbon and Whiskey Lovers
  • 100% Made in AMERICA
  • Authentic 7.62 and .50Cal rounds
  • Laser Etched and Highly Detailed
  • Money Back Guarantee

Celebrate Freedom, Bullets, and your favorite BattleJuice in this Let Freedom Ring custom decanter and 11oz rocks glasses gift set.

With an authentic .50 caliber machine gun bullet pressed into the side of the decanter and .308 rounds in the glasses, you'll be able to show off your favorite fuel sources to all of your BattleBuddies. 

Take it an extra step!  

Drop in a Bourbon Bullet for and extra smooth customized finish.  

We've teamed up with BenShot; the leader in custom patriotic glassware. We've made sure each decanter is packaged in a custom built gift box with die-cut foam inserts!

....Shall Not Be Infringed

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