BARREL.338 by BattleGround Farm - Triple Shot - Oak, Maple & Cherry



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BARREL.338 by BattleGround Farm - Triple Shot - Oak, Maple & Cherry

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Gift Box Clear Hanging

Developed by a bourbon loving U.S.M.C. combat veteran, BARREL.338 is modeled after the .338 Lapua sniper round and fits perfectly into any bottle of bourbon or whiskey. (Or scotch, vodka, tequila, rum, beer, wine, vanilla extract....)

What The Bullet Does: 

  • Makes bourbon or whiskey smoother
  • Can be used 3 times to finish 3 bottles of bourbon
  • Works in 24 hours, but 3-4 days is recommended
  • Adds a slight top shelf finish with toffee, caramel, vanilla, maple or cherry flavors
  • 100% Natural Oak, Maple or Cherry woods
  • Hand crafted in Ball Ground, GA 
  • Modeled after Military Sniper .338 Lapua Round
  • Can Be Engraved (Bulk orders over 12)

 How to Use The Bullet:

  1. Load the Bullet into your select whiskey as pictured.
  2. Take a sip each day until desired results (usually 3-4 days).
  3. Use it again in 2 more bottles.

Test it Out:

Set some whiskey aside before loading the Bullet. Each day, take a sip of finished and unfinished whiskey to taste the difference.

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