Every day, over 20 veterans will end their life and you can help.   BattleGround Farm proudly supports Project Echelon and Ride 2 Stop Suicide.  We are raising $150,000 for road bikes enabling veterans to positively cope with the pressures of PTSD. 

Donate Directly: 
You can help raise $150,000 for road bikes for Ride to Stop Suicide and Project Echelon:
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Buy Cool Stuff & Give a Portion: 
You can also buy Beef Jerky, Patriotic Gear, or Bourbon Bullets and BattleGround Farm will donate toward the goal on your behalf.  

The Ride to Stop Suicide is a movement empowering veterans, communities, friends and families to improve veteran mental health and reduce suicide through road cycling.
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We Educate, Equip, and Empower Veterans and Their Communities
Through Physical Activity and Self Discovery
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