BARREL.338 by BattleGround Farm - Cherry Single


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Add the smoothness and subtle undertones of top shelf spirits to any bottle in days with the BARREL.338. 

Modeled after the .338 Lapua and made from 100% untreated cherry wood. The BARREL.338 extends the smoothing and finishing process for your favorite whiskey or bourbon. 

Developed through a four step process, The BARREL.338 works as a traditional whiskey barrel stave, but carries the iconic shape of one of the worlds fiercest military rounds. 

How it Works:

  1. Drop it into your favorite bottle of nectar (bourbon).
  2. Take a sip (or several) each day to see how it removes the burn.
  3. Use it two more bottles some smoother bourbon. 
  4. Buy another BARREL.338.


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