Wholesale Starter Pack & Display - 4 Cases - Clear Hanging


903 pieces in stock

  • Barrel.338 Display Decanter & Oak Bullet
  • Case (12) of Triple Shot - Oak, Maple, & Cherry
  • Case (12) of Single Cherry
  • Case (12) of Single Maple
  • Case (12) of Single Oak
  • Display Cards


 Finish any whiskey or bourbon with these unique and natural finishing staves.  Drop one into a bottle for 4 days and see the difference!  Each stave removes the burn and finishes your bourbon or whiskey with flavors of cherry, maple (like sugar cookies), or Oak (vanilla and toffee).  Use them 3 times each.

 Get set up right the first time with 12 single Bullets of each flavor , 12 Triple Shots, PLUS a display decanter.  Comes in either Clear Hanging or Gift Box packaging.

 Just add bourbon (or sweet tea to mimic bourbon and display it)   

  • Low cost of entry
  • Intriguing display 
  • Fast product turnover
  • Product cards and posters included
  • Personal Service - Call us anytime
  • 5 Day wholesale order processing
  • Free shipping

What's Included?

  • Logo Decanter & Bullet
  • 5 x Charred Oak Finishing Bullet
  • 5 x Toasted Maple Finishing Bullet
  • 5 x Toasted Cherry Finishing Bullet
  • Clear Hanging or Gift Box Packaging
  • Social Media Partnership and advertising where requested

Add a case of Triple Shot Bullets for higher cart value and revenue.  

*Glass not included, but available.  

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