Can you use these more than once?  Absolutely!  We recommend using them in 3 bottles for 3-4 days each.  We do recommend taking it out after three weeks.   

Is there enough surface to liquid area to make a difference?  Yes!  Our Bullets are designed to maximize surface area with our patent pending design.  The hole in the bottom of the bullet allows for more surface area and allows the liquid to filter through. 

How long before I can tell a difference?   We can tell a difference within a few hours, but 24 hours is enough time for everyone to notice a change.  We recommend several things for maximum effect:

  • Set some unfinished liquid aside so you have test and control groups.  
  • Use a bottle with a cork or plastic/wood lid.  The opening and closing of the bottle pushes and pulls the liquid through the Bullet. 
  • After putting you Bullet in, cork it and turn it upside down, then right-side up (like a Corona!) to remove any air bubbles. 
  • Use a Glencairn glass and drink it neat (or with a splash of water). This helps you taste all of flavors and smells as they should be.   
  • We like ours slightly above room temperature.  This also helps accentuate the nuanced smells and flavors.  
  • Don't drink too much!  Your friends and family need and love you.  

Flakes in my drink!  Are the flakes of charred oak OK to drink?  Yes!  100% natural, harmless, and may actually be good for your stomach. (We aren't doctors, and this ain't medicine!)  The charred Oak goes through a deep-charring process just like a bourbon barrel.  If you can find a video of a barrel being poured, you'll see clumps of charred oak pouring out.   Before bottling, the bourbon is filtered to get rid of those chunks and flakes.  We just wash them down with another drink...or a giant glass of H2O!

Are the Bullets treated with flavors or chemicals?  NO!  They are 100% natural!  We add nothing but artistic badassness.  The sugars, tannins, lignins, cellulose and hemi-cellulose give your nectar that epic flavor you've been looking for.  

How do I get the Bullet out?  How were Stonehenge and the pyramids built?  We are still trying to figure this out.  The best we've come up with has been pouring the good juice into one of our sweet decanters.  The Bullet will come out with it.  We have a few Bullet Decanter prototypes in the works. :)

Can we use these in other liquors?  Play around and see!   Maple and Vodka is epic, Oak and Scotch would make Ron Burgundy proud.  Oak also works in whisky and tequila Cherry works well in everything we've tried.  We are always trying new things and we hope you do too!  

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