Bourbon Barrel Series - Double Barrel Bourbon Finishing Bullets - Made of Premium Whiskey Barrels


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Smell that Sweet Bourbony Goodness!   

  • These Bullets were cut from an authentic bourbon barrel.
  • Only premium brand barrels are used.
  • Modeled after the .338 for a perfect fit into for your favorite bottle.   
  • Add notes from the YEARS of storing exceptional bourbon.
  • Current Barrel:  AWS

(We are not affiliated with any bottler, distiller, brand, company or entity mentioned.)

How it Works:

  1. Drop it into your favorite bottle of nectar (whiskey).
  2. Take a sip (or several) each day to see how it removes the burn.
  3. Use it in another bottle or two for some good sippin' whiskey.
  4. Buy another Bourbon Bullet. 

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