Box of 5 Duds - Oak Whiskey Aging Bullets

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Too FAT, too THIN, too BROKEN... But they work!  

These Oak Bourbon Bullets work very well, but quite frankly: we messed them up!  If you liked the Oak Bourbon Bullet, buy these at a great discount and help us clear the duds!  

Add the smoothness and subtle undertones of top shelf spirits to any bottle in days with the Bourbon Bullet. 

The Bourbon Bullet extends the smoothing and filtering process for your favorite whiskey or bourbon. 

Modeled after the .338 Lapua and made from 100% untreated American White Oak it's the perfect gift or treat for the Bourbon lover.

Do you want to enjoy smoother and better tasting whiskey without paying premium prices?   Would you like to remove the burn without watering it down or diluting it with mixers?  

The Bourbon Bullet works like a new barrel and matures any whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum, or tequila.   The level 3 char removes the burn while the exposed oak adds sweet tones of toffee, caramel, and vanilla to your favorite drink.  

Developed through a four step process, The Bourbon Bullet works as a traditional whiskey barrel stave, but carries the iconic shape of one of the worlds fiercest military rounds. 

How it Works:

  1. Drop it into your favorite bottle of nectar (whiskey).
  2. Take a sip (or several) each day to see how it removes the burn.
  3. Use it in another bottle or two for some good sippin' whiskey.
  4. Buy another Bourbon Bullet. 

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